Trenbolone Acetate 100mg x 10ml

(9 customer reviews)


9 reviews for Trenbolone Acetate 100mg x 10ml

  1. Thedude414 (verified owner)

    I loved it i used 3 bottles of these towards the end of my cycle and. I got so hard and lean and my muscles were full even when I woke up.

  2. iamthegreat1 (verified owner)

    Used a bottle of this tren ace with dc’s winny, anavar & prop at the end of my last cycle before pct, and kept all of the hard earned muscle and lost 13 lbs of fat and water weight. Now running 2 bottles & might add a 3rd with the test prop again and let me just say I’m definitely looking forward to it. Best tren I’ve had in years. Same goes for the prop.

  3. Thatonetallguy

    Me and tren don’t really get along for certain reasons hahah. I love to run it pre competition for strength so snagged two bottles of this and some test E 300 to finish out my prep and damn was I impressed. I’ll definitely be ordering again here soon.

  4. devin (verified owner)

    Running this with test e 300 is incredible. No pip and great strength

  5. freeatleast123 (verified owner)

    It’s exactly as it should be. A little cough, night sweats, insomnia, I would say the cleanest Tren I’ve ever had. Big fan.

  6. Tyler N (verified owner)

    Ran this Tren with 500 test and DC’s Proviron at 50mg a day. It was my first time trying Tren and I was thoroughly impressed!

  7. Kraukev (verified owner)

    Works great love this product not watered down like the rest of the market out there

  8. geowoe666 (verified owner)

    ran alongside 500mg test weekly and 50mg dbol and gains were crazy. first attempt at teen and the results couldn’t of leg been better. little to no pip. alll i could complain about is night sweats lol but that was expected

  9. Jeff N (verified owner)

    First time running Tren but its super smooth so far! No pip and Only sides i get is a slight cough and some trouble sleeping sometimes but its really not bad. Im at 50 a day with var Love it!!

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