Testosterone Enanthate 300mg x 10ml

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28 reviews for Testosterone Enanthate 300mg x 10ml

  1. Siffmc80 (verified owner)

    Just finished first bottle. Test E was ridiculously good. After first couple weeks it hit nicely. Minimal pin site soreness & bump. Smooth with little to no burn. Gives you such a boost when working out. It puts you well past overdrive. Only side effects I have are my testies shrunk a little and just a little bit of oily skin on the face, which was manageable. I would totally recommend this to anyone looking to bulk up with a less strenuous substance. Some people have different interactions with certain oils but my cousin and I both had the same outcome. It’s totally worth giving it a try. And at this price, it can’t be beat. DC is real deal!!! Price & shipping time is better than anywhere else.

  2. BFbaconbitz (verified owner)

    Finally found a great source, payment was flawless and shipment was quick. Just did my first injection of .5ml with a 28g 1/2 insulin pin in the glute. Filled up nicely took less than a min and went in smooth. Thank you for a great product, will be ordering more in the future.

  3. The Dude 414 (verified owner)

    by far the best source. The gear is smooth. I love the Testosterone Enanthate 300m. His gear is the real deal with testing on products. Very nice quality and very good customer service.

  4. Gabriel Re*** (verified owner)

    Good quality and good customer service. No PIP.

  5. Aaron Fa*** (verified owner)

    Easy ordering,easy payment options,fast delivery,great products at great price,probably the easiest site to navigate and shop.I would and will 100% recommend this guy to my friends.

  6. Rytech352

    Great gear, very smooth, the benefits are awesome, only place I’ll be ordering from for now on.

  7. Rytech352

    I have order from other venders and Dc is top of the class. The test e is very good. I can’t imagine I would order from anyone else. Keep up the great work

  8. Swole_95 (verified owner)

    This is some good stuff right here my test levels went from 460 somethin to 1600 in just a few weeks time definitely recommend!

  9. FlemDaddyKush (verified owner)

    Very nice product, high quality, potent, thin oil and smooth. No pip, great value, you will not be disappointed.

  10. William Ro*** (verified owner)

    Great product can’t beat it !!

  11. William Ro*** (verified owner)

    Libido increase ✅
    Workouts and results ✅
    Just all around great mood✅
    This stuff is 🔥 switched over from trt clinic.

  12. ByAnyMeans78 (verified owner)

    shipping time and packaging was ON POINT! Only one shot in but experienced no PIP, product was extremely smooth and from the reviews I’ve been reading expecting mad gains!

  13. James Mc*** (verified owner)

    Great product !!! Very close to/on par with Pharma grade

  14. JTren69 (verified owner)

    This Test-E is fire. No pip, smooth as butter compared to others. I feel like a God among men.

  15. Thatonetallguy

    First time I’ve purchased through this guy and the quality is spot on especially with the price. There’s no pip, energy was great after a few weeks, definitely some of the best test I’ve had in the last few years. Can’t wait to order again.

  16. Johnny Pe*** (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery, testosterone 300 was smooth, no pip. Price is awesome. I’ll be a long time customer. Highly recommended 🏋‍♂️

  17. rydueces2 (verified owner)

    Product arrived in 4 days. The smoothest oil I’ve ever tried no PiP. So far I love it. The bottle label is different then the pics online but no big deal. Thanks Titan

  18. Charles Ri*** (verified owner)

    Easy, fast and very professional packaging will be using this site again in future

  19. youdontwanttheboot (verified owner)

    Beautiful product! Perfectly dosed! Blood tests reveal accurate dosing from DCP. Felt great and zero PIP!

  20. deidaradavinki (verified owner)

    T male here. helps astronomically. i also order cialis for my partner, works like a charm. will continue to use dcpharma

  21. devin (verified owner)

    Great product no pip at all. Running this with tren a gave me great strength and good gains.

  22. koensayr_s3 (verified owner)

    Testosterone…. the King of the Hormones!
    Not much else to say about it! The Test Enanthate is smooth, pip-free, does what testosterone is supposed to do, and is a fair price for 3g of test suspended in MCT oil.
    Check out my bloodwork results as well as RoidTest kit results on Eroids com under user Koensayr_s3.
    5 stars.

  23. Christopher L (verified owner)

    Great product, discreet shipping, amazing prices, no PIP and I feel like a fucking god. Don’t go anywhere else, you will not beat the price/quality ratio anywhere.

  24. Tberkley (verified owner)

    My God when I say this is a Smooth Oil it is. Blew my mind there was no pip. No pip at all. The oil did not burn and was smooth. This is my first cycle so I will update in my next review but week 3 I can already see the changes start. This company is Legit with the Best Test E. I will not be shopping anywhere else but here thats for sure!

  25. youdontwanttheboot (verified owner)

    Constantly have these Test E bottles incoming. Multiple orders, always great, results never change. Wi continue using DCP. Period.

  26. angelsfearme (verified owner)

    Another T male here and a first time buyer. All I can say is this site is amazing. Great quality T, no pip, smooth as hell. Great prices as well, discreet shipping, just overall amazing experience. I will definitely continue ordering from DCP.

  27. Zachary M (verified owner)

    The oil is smooth. There is literally no PIP. I feel absolutely great and will continue to order from DCP in the future!!

  28. Tyler N (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this at a TRT dose and I couldn’t be happier with everything about it. I will blast it soon with Deca and Tren to see how much I can pack on. Thanks DC!

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