Testosterone Cypionate 200mg x 10ml

(9 customer reviews)


9 reviews for Testosterone Cypionate 200mg x 10ml

  1. Kyle Cr*** (verified owner)

    Beat pharm grade available for domestic. No need to risk international. The oil goes in smooth and no Pip.

  2. Nik Nik (verified owner)

    Pharma grade test!crystal clear liquid! Goes in smoothly and no pip what so ever. I feel great while on cycle ! I will definitely buy again and again! Lucky to have a great domestic source! Also customer service is the best!!

  3. Happy Customer (verified owner)

    Received Test Cyp 200 within a week of completed order. Tested with a semi quantitative test and it checked out perfectly. No pip. No doubt this is pharmaceutical grade test.

  4. FlemDaddyKush (verified owner)

    Very smooth no pip, very high quality. Potent. Better than any other cyp I’ve gotten from others.

  5. Drewla*** (verified owner)

    Absolutely no pip, high quality stuff. Customer service is amazing cant go wrong here.

  6. Kelley

    Great all the way across the board!! Customer service was good, shipping was on point and most important the product was just amazing, pharm grade , crystal clear love making juice! Lol

  7. Swolder84 (verified owner)

    Been running this Test Cyp for 2 months now. Dosing at 160mg a week, bloods came back over 1500 ng/dl.
    Oil is crystal clear, and Iā€™m quite fond of the MCT carrier oil as well. No pip, and oil flows smooth through a 27g. Definitely recommend to anyone wanting quality!

  8. Matthew Go*** (verified owner)


  9. thebigd0g (verified owner)

    been useing 200mg/wk for TRT cruise for almost a year solid stuff super consistent and bloods showed great numbers

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