Primobolan Enanthate 150mg x 10ml

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NOTE: This product contains a small amount of super solvent. If you are not experienced or tolerable to guaiacol do not buy this. You may have an allergic reaction.

5 reviews for Primobolan Enanthate 150mg x 10ml

  1. FlemDaddyKush (verified owner)

    Nice high mg primo

  2. Derek Ba*** (verified owner)

    Excellent primo. 3 vials in and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Super smooth and no pip considering its 200mg/ml

  3. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    Great quality primo. I’m a female and run 150 weekly. Great gains, stamina, and hardness of the muscles. I’m sad it’s always out of stock.

  4. thebigd0g (verified owner)

    by far my favorite compound been useing it since it was 200mg/btl wish we could go back to that but still best price for 150mg, had it tested myself and came back perfect. and my theory if the primo is legit everything he has is legit Thnx DC

  5. Ddecicco (verified owner)

    Well as long as the jano labs are up to date, what else is there to say about Real primo, and an accurate MG per bottle count. Price aside this is the golden egg. Light pip, nothing too bad. Does what it’s supposed to!

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