Masteron Enanthate 200mg x 10ml

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3 reviews for Masteron Enanthate 200mg x 10ml

  1. Blake

    Dcs mast was the 1st I ever tried and I will say it’s a game changer! I ran it a little to high at 750mg, the overall sense of well-being from his masteron is amazing, the hardness is out of this world, becareful if your subject to hairloss run it at a lower dose I started shedding like a cat. But in my opinion the feeling from mast is worth it on any cycle.

  2. garyfranta (verified owner)

    I love all these dudes products. Been running this @ 250 per week and it’s amazing. You will not find a lower priced product especially with good quality anywhere else unless you homebrew. 10/10

  3. koensayr_s3 (verified owner)

    Legitimate, STRONG masteron enanthate suspended in silky-smooth MCT oil.
    I have been using this alongside Tom’s Testosterone Enanthate and Deca. I am not a huge aromatizer, and therefore use masteron instead of an a/i such as arimidex or exemestane to keep my estrogen in check.
    Blood test results and RoidTest results are posted on Eroids under user Koensayr_s3 if you want to go check it out. In the blood work, you can see that my e2 is at about 30 units, while testosterone is at about 2000. Without the mast, my test would be in the low 50s. Tom’s masteron is working as intended – giving me a little extra anabolism while keeping pesky e2 side effects at bay, all while keeping me from having to take an AI (which tends to tank my lipid values, so I’d rather avoid those)!
    All that at a good value. No complaints here ;-).

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