Deca Durabolin 300mg x 10ml

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7 reviews for Deca Durabolin 300mg x 10ml

  1. Thedude414 (verified owner)

    This is really smooth and loved it. I just got done running cycle of this and my joints felt good and my muscles were so full and round looking it helped me gain 15pounds was also using the anadrol tho

  2. Johnny Pe*** (verified owner)

    Deca 300 was smooth, no pip. Shipping was fast delivery. 💪

  3. Pitbull66 (verified owner)

    This is a great product I ran it with sus 300 and both products very smooth no problems with it I had great pumps in my workouts this product has proven itself. Not to mention the prices and service are great here!!!!

  4. youdontwanttheboot (verified owner)

    Great stuff! No pip! This DECA felt stronger and better than any DECA I have taken from other companies!

  5. Jeremy H (verified owner)

    I run low-dose deca (~210mg / wk) year round on top of my trt for its joint-relieving benefits and to provide a bit of extra background anabolism to help me build/keep size when in a bridge phase (cruise). I switched from deca made by my local compounding pharmacy to DC’s, and have been quite pleased with the product. It verified via a semi-quantitative RoidTest kit – results are posted on eroids. Joints, body weight and strength are all telling me this is nandrolone and it is properly dosed. MCT is smooth and pip-less. Tom’s prices are great. 5 stars for this product.

  6. Ty M (verified owner)

    First time running deca, wasn’t sure what to actually except, hence the 4 stars. Can and will say this though. Smooth as butter as to be expected from all tom’s products. Zero joint pains, great pumps and all compound lift’s exploded. Ordering again.

  7. Matthew D (verified owner)

    Just received this and t400 did my first pin 2 days ago no pip whatsoever so far so good 👍

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