Anavar 50mg 30x

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6 reviews for Anavar 50mg 30x

  1. Thedude414 (verified owner)

    I used these towards the end of my cycle and I loved how it kept me full and helped me get tighter and had really good pumps in the gym

  2. 9bfit (verified owner)

    Great results from this product. I am very happy with it. I just ordered again on the 15th of July but my product has not been shipped. I will update my review when I get confirmation it has shipped

  3. youdontwanttheboot (verified owner)

    Legit Var! First time getting 90 50mg capsules. Ran up to 50mg / day with great results. Minimal calories, but gained strength, lost fat, and recomped my body quite nicely on top of test/deca base.

  4. Ddecicco (verified owner)

    Wow. First time with real/properly dosed Var. I’m currently 3 weeks into 50mg a day. I’m running a slight deficit via carb cycling and I shed off 10 lbs of (probably water, fat bloat) in the first two weeks while loosing NO strength. The recomp even in 3 weeks is insane. Major tightening of the mid section- abs, some rubs, the v cut. New cuts in my shoulders and upper body as well as my quads. Veins starting to pop more. With a gym pump- all of this x10. Can’t wait to see how it progresses. Also- two friends also running this say the same. We all love it.

  5. Greg (verified owner)

    Low sides great pump feeling hard

  6. SkepticOne (verified owner)

    After a couple of decades away from gear, decided to hop back in with a simple Anavar run, 50mg/day ED. It’s been terrific. Excellent pumps, overall energy much higher, feeling a bit younger these days.

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