Welcome to DC Pharma!

We recommend paying for your order with Bitcoin – and there are many ways to get it.
Here we recommend the easiest methods.

It can seem overwhelming at first, but follow this guide and you will be surprised how easy it is. Give it a try. One order. It’s okay if you don’t, we probably won’t call you a quitter…

A very brief overview (as brief as possible)


Bitcoin wallets?

You don’t have to download a bitcoin wallet and you can skip this paragraph for now if you’re in a hurry – but if you want one (it’s suggested) we recommend Cake Wallet (iPhone and Android). Just install it, follow the simple guide to make a new wallet, and click the “Receive” button to copy your new bitcoin address.
That’s it.
That’s your wallet address. Give that to people or services to receive bitcoin.
Remember this: you can make and use almost unlimited addresses but they all go to the same wallet.


For your safety we take steps to ensure the bitcoin you send will never be linked to us or any questionable activities. Shop in peace like you’re shopping at Wal-Mart.


Bitcoin is very volatile (fast changing price) so it’s best to buy it right before you order. We recommend you buy an extra $5-$10 worth of bitcoin JUST IN CASE to cover any price changes and transaction fees. The extra will stay in your wallet (see above) for the next time (and hopefully gain in price).


To keep it simple: the bitcoin network is a bunch of different computers that do math for money (transaction fees). Higher fees mean your transaction will have its math problem solved (confirmed) faster.
The default recommended fees are almost certainly fine but if you want to confuse yourself, read about bitcoin transaction fees.


Transactions usually confirm (1/6 confirmations for our store) in 10-30 minutes. If it takes longer, increase the fee next time.
If you mess up and send with no fee (or tiny fee) then your bitcoin will be locked for 24-48 hours before it’s available again.


We recommend using a bitcoin ATM or Paxful

I think I’m ready!

Great! Do you have a wallet setup now?

NO – I don’t need one.
The next step is easy. Decide what method you want to use below (I recommend Paybis for cards) and get verified. Once you’re verified and ready to purchase, go through checkout here and you will be redirected to an “Awaiting Payment” page. Click the Copy button so you can copy our bitcoin address and amount. (SEE PICTURES BELOW!) Use your method to send that amount of bitcoin to that address. You can also enter your order total dollar amount + $5. Once you pay, it will send the bitcoin and your order will confirm. Send us a site message the first time to be safe.
P.S. if you are a little short your first time, send what you have anyway and send us a site message. Also, don’t worry if it takes longer than 2 hours, just message us.

YES – I have a wallet setup.
Perfect. Once you decide on your method below (I recommend Paybis for cards) sign up and get verified and buy your bitcoin (don’t forget the extra fiver!). Remember to enter your own wallet address. Once the bitcoin confirms in your wallet, go through checkout here and it will give you the address and amount (SEE PICTURES BELOW!). Send it and you’re a G!
P.S. if you are a little short your first time, send what you have anyway and send us a site message. Also, don’t worry if it takes longer than 2 hours, just message us.


The final page of checkout on our site is an “Awaiting Payment” page. You can click “Open in Wallet” if you have a mobile wallet installed, but you can also click the Copy button and copy and paste the address and amount into your wallet/service to pay. This is what that looks like:

Method Overview

LibertyX (recommended in-person) – Requires verification – Buy with cash locally at Walgreens/CVS/RiteAid/more

Paybis (recommended online debit/credit card) – Requires verification – Buy online – fast. PAYBIS INSTRUCTIONS

Cash App/Paypal/Coinbase – Requires verification – Buy online – Initial delay up to 7 days

Paxful/AgoraDesk (person 2 person) – Some sellers require verification – Buy online, buy locally (cash in person), cash in mail, MANY other methods

Bitcoin ATM – Only phone number is required up to certain amount (usually $500) – Buy with cash locally. CASH ONLY


Method 1 –

Get verified with (you can use the website or smartphone app). Once verified you’ll be able to buy bitcoin with cash at Walgreens/CVS/RiteAid/more. Make sure you read the FAQ. You just go to the LibertyX site, say you want [order total amount] of BTC and put in the bitcoin address from my order checkout page, then pay at the store. That’s it, now you’re done and your order will be processing shortly.
LibertyX NOTE: Sometimes cashiers get confused about LibertyX; SHOW THIS PAGE TO THEM: First-Time LibertyX Store Cashier Help Page. Save it in your phone before you go to the store the first time.


We now have detailed Paybis instructions on a dedicated page. See the Paybis instructions page for more information.

Method 2 – Cash App/Paypal/Coinbase

Many customers use Cash App. Buy and Send Bitcoin using Cash App [VIDEO]
Paypal allows buying and sending bitcoin now.
Some customers prefer these but your very first bitcoin transfer can be delayed up to 7 days.

Method 3 – Paxful/AgoraDesk and (aka localbitcoins) are sites that allow you to buy with cash in mail, bank transfers, money transfer services (Zelle, GreenDot, Cashapp, Facebook) etc. Some sellers require verification but most don’t. Read user reviews and choose a seller with good ratings that has been online recently.

Method 4 – Bitcoin ATM

Find local Bitcoin ATMs at – most ATMs only require a phone number for purchases of $500 or more. CASH ONLY.