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How to buy Bitcoin

In order to buy from me you just need a way to buy bitcoin, and there are many ways to do that. I have listed recommended methods here. It might seem like a lot at first but you'll be glad you learned how after you do it the 1st time.

Quick overview:

1. LibertyX (recommended) – Requires verification – Buy with cash locally at Walgreens/CVS/RiteAid/more

2. Cash App/Paypal/Coinbase – Requires verification – Buy online – Initial 7 day delay w/ Coinbase

3. Paxful/AgoraDesk (person 2 person) – Some sellers require verification – Buy online, buy locally (cash in person), cash in mail, MANY other methods

4. Bitcoin ATM – Only phone number is required up to certain amount (usually $500) – Buy with cash locally. CASH ONLY.


IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PHOTO ID/DRIVERS LICENSE or do not want to go through a verification process then see Method 3 and Method 4.
Note: no matter how you buy and send your bitcoin, it will never be linked to me.


Method 1 – Get verified with (you can use the website or smartphone app). Once verified you'll be able to buy bitcoin with cash at Walgreens/CVS/RiteAid/more. Make sure you read the FAQ. I highly recommend this route because you can just go to the LibertyX site, say you want [your order total amount] of BTC and put in the bitcoin address from my order checkout page, then pay at the store. That's it, now you're done and your order will be processing shortly.
LibertyX NOTE: Sometimes cashiers don't know their store systems work with LibertyX but there is a help page that shows them how to do it. You may want to load this page in your mobile browser before you go to the store the first time.

Method 2 – Cash App/ Many customers use Cash App and I have a video showing how at the bottom of this page.
Paypal allows buying and sending bitcoin now.
Some customers prefer to use but your very first bitcoin transfer may be delayed 7 days.


Method 3 – and (aka localbitcoins) are sites that allow you to buy with cash in mail, bank transfers, money transfer services (Zelle, GreenDot, Cashapp, Facebook) etc. Some sellers require verification but most don't. Just read user reviews and choose a seller with good ratings that has been online recently.

Method 4 – Bitcoin ATMs (bATM): Find local bATMs at – most bATMs only require a phone number for purchases of $500 or more. CASH ONLY.


Where do I send the bitcoin?

Once you’ve bought the bitcoin you will go through checkout. After clicking Pay Now you will be redirected to a new site which has the bitcoin address and amount of bitcoin to send. It looks like this:

(VIDEO) Buy and send Bitcoin with Cash App App Store (iOS) / Google Play (Android)


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